Our Server

Our Server

Welcome to The Outfit’s Server!
Wipe Coming 1/9/2018

The Outfit- PVE, 10x XP, 5x Harv, 1/2 Craft, No Gods


Server Restart Schedule: 
The server restarts twice a day;  Once at 1pm (MT) and once at 1am (MT). Please keep that in mind when making your plans.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/CSWvhce

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1.PVE Server. No raiding, no gods.

2. No blocking of resources, major pathways, thrall/NCP camps, no foundation spam (or similar), etc.

3. No crafting machines, wheels, vaults, etc. littering the landscape. We will delete these as soon as we run across them and leave any loot bags for other players to pick up.

4. No more than 3 bases per clan. We perform server clean ups about every 10 days or so. The first 3 bases from your clan that we run across (in whatever order we run across them) can be kept. If we find any more, they will be deleted with no warning. No GIAGANTIC bases built into walls/structures/places that the admins cannot delete easily. Bases built like this will result in immediate ban and deletion of all bases from the offending clan.

Players/Clans who are inactive longer than 10 days could have their bases deleted. Abandoned bases will be subject for deletion after 10 days whether you are an active player or not.

(We will make exceptions for players who notify us, so if you’re going on vacation or something, please let us know on our forums so we don’t delete your builds.)

5. No Griefing! No harassing players, no exploits, etc. We are a PVE server. If this is how you want to play, go find a PVP server.

6. No offensive, bigoted, or racist character/clan names, chat, signs, etc. are allowed in these forums, our Discord or in game.

7. If you need assistance please post in our support forum instead of using private messages and in-game chat. Sometimes, of course, emergencies happen, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle everyone’s requests when they are just posted in pm/chat as requests can be missed and/or simply forgotten.

8. Admins have ULTIMATE DISCRETION on this server. We will not argue via PM or Discord with you. Nor will we or entertain the “rule police”. If you have a problem with an admin or one of our decisions, please free to post a report on our forums.

9. We will occasionally install and/or remove mods from our server as needed. Build with mod’s at your own risk as you will be subject to loose such assets at any time (normally when the modder refuses to update the mod in a timely manner). You will not be reimbursed for lost items due to a mod being broken and/or removed from our server. Coming soon – Please see our Mods page here to see which mods are currently installed.