Our Server

Our Server

Welcome to The Outfit’s Server!

The Outfit- RELAXED PVP, 5x XP, 5x Harv, 1/2 craft
No wipes unless we MUST.


Server Restart Schedule: 
The server restarts twice a day;  Once at 2pm (MT) and once at 2am (MT). Please keep that in mind when making your plans.

Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/CSWvhce

Want to help with server costs and/or promotions? Please use the form on the side of the page to donate!


If you have a few minutes Vote Us Up!! You can do so twice a day:


1. We are a RELAXED PVP server! To us this means that – at least some of the time – we can RELAX while we play. Raiding is fine, but if your preferred play style only consists of raiding every player on the server every day, then this is probably not the right server for you. We’re kind of like an RP server in that regard and would prefer you not raid people just for the sake of raiding alone.

2. No blocking of resources, major pathways, thrall/NCP camps, no foundation spam (or similar), etc. No crafting machines, wheels, etc littering the landscape. We will delete these on clean up day as we run across them.

3. No more than five bases per clan. We perform server clean ups about every 10 days or so. The first five bases from your clan that we run across (in whatever order we run across them) can be kept. If we find any more, they will be deleted with no warning.

Players/Clans who are inactive longer than 10 days will have their bases deleted. Abandoned/raided bases will be deleted after 10 days whether you are an active player or not.

(We will make exceptions for players who notify us, so if you’re going on vacation or something, please let us know on our forums so we don’t delete your builds.)

4. No Griefing! No rez killing, no camping, no harassing players, no exploits, etc.

5. No raiding of PVP arenas and other Admin built community areas is allowed. Signs will be posted marking such builds.

6. No offensive or racist character/clan names or chat are allowed in these forums, our Discord or in game chat.

7. If you need assistance please post in our support forum instead of using private messages and in-game chat. Sometimes, of course, emergencies happen, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle everyone’s requests when they are just posted in pm/chat as requests can be missed and/or simply forgotten.

8. Admins have ULTIMATE DISCRETION on this server. We will not argue via PM or Discord with you. Nor will we or entertain the “rule police”. If you have a problem with an admin or one of our decisions, please free to post a report on our forums.