Our Server

Our Server

The name of our server is The Outfit.
[WIPE 3/26][PVP][NO GODS][3X XP][5X RESOURCES][1/2 Crafting]
No wipes unless we MUST.


If you need tech support or have comments/questions, please post on our forum.

Join us on Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/eFynCXm

Hang out in general and request access to our private Conan Exiles Channel. Someone will add you in asap.

Want to help with server costs and/or promotions? Donate here: http://www.dualcreatives.com/campaigns/conan-exiles-server/


If you have a few minutes Vote Us Up!! You can do so twice a day: https://topconanservers.com/server/


1. Building on or near resource nodes will prevent that resource from spawning after it’s harvested. Sometimes this cannot be avoided so it is not disallowed. However if you do this in so many instances that makes it look like you’re only doing it to grief your fellow players, you will be asked to remove those structures.

2. Building on or too close to thrall camps and/or dungeons will despawn that area so that no one can use it anymore. Until the Devs come up with a solution for this that actually works, building in these areas is not allowed on our server and your build could be deleted if we cannot reach you to ask for it’s edit/removal.

3. Do not block main pathways in the game.

4. PVP/KOS is allowed. However, no rez killing, no camping, and no excessive harassing of players on this server is allowed. Such activity could result in an immediate ban.

5. Raiding is allowed. However, it is to be done with as much care as possible as to not cause excessive damage to the structure you are raiding. Of course trebuchets can do more damage in some instances, but players should not try to destroy entire bases with them. Do what you need to do to get in, do your raiding, get out.

6. Containers have now been changed to no ownership. This means that they can be opened by everyone and no one has to destroy them in order to steal from them. As such, excessive destruction to machines and containers will also be considered griefing.

7. Avatars have been disabled on our server. We may re-enable them once they have been balanced a bit more in the future.

8. No raiding of PVP arenas and other Admin built community areas is allowed. Signs will be posted marking such builds so you are aware that they are public areas.

9. Please clean up after yourself. We always want there to be enough space for everyone to build a great base.

10. Any other activities not listed here that appear to be done only to grief players on our server and keep the game from being fun for everyone will be considered by the Admins once reported. To avoid any unknown actions taken by the admins against you or your builds we suggest you visit this forum and/or our Discord channel regularly to see if an Admin is trying to reach you.

11. If you need assistance in the game please post in our support forum instead of using the in-game chat. Sometimes, of course, emergencies happen, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle everyone’s requests when they are just posted in chat as requests can be missed and/or simply forgotten.

12. No arguing with an Admin. If an Admin makes a ruling, and you don’t agree, you can ask why the ruling was made, or come to the forums and post an appeal to the ruling. Arguing and being rude or name calling to an Admin, will get you banned.

Appeals will be reviewed by the admins, and answered within 72 hours.

13. There is no admin abuse allowed on the server. We will always do our best to announce in chat when we are using admin tools in the game so that everyone knows what is going on. However sometimes that is hard to do and there is no real permanent place for us to post such notices. You could easily miss them in chat. So please feel free to ask us what is going on if you’re not sure what one of us is doing flying around. We understand your concerns and are happy to discuss them with you.


– If you plan on setting up a clan, do so before you do any substantial building. You will loose ownership of your builds if you do and there is nothing the admins can do about it.

– If you join a clan, be prepared for your builds to be owned by the clan too.

– If you leave a clan, you will loose ownership of the builds you created while in that clan.

– Take care when accessing your crafting machines and the nearby structures. It is very easy to accidentally delete items in this game. Admins cannot replace lost items in these instances.